Job Opportunities for Postgraduates: Academia vs. Industry


The Organising Committee of Chem&BioChem Postgraduate Students Meeting took the initiative to host a Round Table Discussion on the future of scientific jobs for postgraduates in Portugal –  a topic of most interest for anyone doing (or thinking of doing) a MSc or PhD in chemistry or biochemistry.

For this occasion, we invited successful academic scientists, entrepreneurs and industry members to share their views about the challenges and opportunities ahead of highly qualified people when looking for a job in our work field, in either industry or academia.

Leave your questions below and join us on the 9th February 2017 for a unique chance to debate this topic with:


Tino Rossi | Head of Chemistry at BIAL

Tino Rossi

Miguel Prudêncio | PhD in Biochemistry | Principal Investigator at IMM and Founder of RoPlaVac

Miguel Prudencio

Filipe Duarte | PhD in Organic Chemistry | Purchasing – Strategic Sourcing of HOVIONE

Filipe Duarte Hovione

Maria José Calhorda | PhD in Chemistry | Full Professor and CQB coordinator, FCUL

Maria Jose Calhorda

Carlos Castro | PhD in Engineering Sciences (Thermodynamics) | Full Professor and CQE coordinator of the Thematic Line Thermodynamics of Fluids and Nanosystems, FCUL

Carlos Castro



Margarida Amaral | Full Professor and BioISI Coordinator

Margarida Amaral

Jorge Correia | Assistant Researcher at CQB, FCUL

Jorge Correia